Audio Services

Arête Studios, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter

Our studio is offering *Sound Design services as well as Mixing / Mastering services all in Pro Tools.

Sound Design: As artists we share a passion for video and film, when we work on a Sound Design project we work from a database of Sounds FX we’ve built during the years as well as record folis sounds whenever needed.

Here’s How it Works…

The following is a breakdown of the process we do for each project we take. The complete process involves 6 simple steps:

Step 1: *Consultation
Step 2: Prepare and Upload/Mail Final Project ( OMF format for sound design )
Step 3: We work on your project
Step 4: Download Reference  Project
Step 5: Project Adjustments
Step 6: Download the Final Project

*We will go into detail about every stage of our working process  at the consultation stage.

Interested?? fill the form below:

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