‘For Sleep’


‘For Sleep’ is the latest release from Qualia, consisting of 5 tracks and clocking in at 70 minutes.

The album began life from two long guitar looping improvisations (‘moonflowers’ and ‘lucid’) back in 2012, though they were never intended to be properly released and were forgotten about for a while.

After frustration with bouts of insomnia and writers block, writing for Qualia took a more fluid, improvisational form from previous releases, resulting in three tracks that seemed to go down a similar route to these previous improv pieces, and so the decision was made to release this music as spontaneously as it arrived.

The music on ‘for sleep’ has been a theme through the music of Qualia for some time though never explored on an entire release, as a result the whole album has very little traditional guitar playing, instead lies within a hazy atmosphere of drones and ambient textures that envelop the listener into it.’