Méon is the experimental ambient/post-rock solo project of multi-instrumentalist Adi Lincoln. Méon originally began in early 2012 as an experiment after growing tired of being involved in bands unwilling to do different things. After releasing a few single tracks it became a fixed project and so writing and recording began on what became the first release named ‘Soundless Days’

Méon’s sound is characterized by ambient soundscapes, instrumentals & drones along with abstract guitar work, few tracks that combine strings and classical themes.

Everything is recorded with a DIY spirit in mind doing all the recordings and production by himself , in his small space he manages to create intimacy that implant itself into the music.

Méons sound drives to be thought as vast abstract landscapes painted with sound. The vibe is a winter like feeling.

Currently after a year long hiatus Méon is planning to gather new materials and record his next LP.



Soundless Days – May 2013


‘When Each At Least Unto Himself Shall Waken’ – September 2013